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Big Data is bigger than the hype. All businesses, if they are to remain viable, must adapt to the opportunities and risks Big Data brings. Are you ready?

big_dataBased at Bletchley Park, the home of Big Data, we’ll soon be launching TheBigDataPeople.com, a community, recruitment and learning platform dedicated to Big Data. To find out more and to register an interest, please:

Call us now on: 01908 889714 or email us on BigDataPeople@Synapps.co.uk

Big Data is perhaps the single most important outcome of digital transformation – cloud, social media and mobile have emerged to enable the collection and manipulation of vast amounts of data. New technologies have emerged from the pioneers in this field to give us Hadoop, NoSQL databases, enabling us to manage vast amount of unstructured data increasingly in real time. Businesses are clamouring to transform to capitalise on the opportunities this brings and also out of necessity just to survive.

The customer is king, so marketing and the role of the Chief Marketing Officer are becoming more prominent. Retail and the financial services sectors are the first to move, but the internet-of-things, the connected car (not to mention the huge benefits we shall all see as the health sector and government adopts Big Data on a massive scale) mean that ‘yes’ this is hyped, but probably not enough.

We are going through a revolution in the way we live on a scale not seen since the industrial revolution. And so the demand for the skills needed to deploy this technology is increasing exponentially:

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Visualisation

Not to mention strategists, enterprise architects and the programme management skills needed to steer this massive change to successful outcomes.

Synapps are building a delivery capability in this market place second to none. We’ll soon be launching the TheBigDataPeople – a community of Big Data specialists and talent aspiring to contribute to this new and exciting opportunity. We aim to inform, engage and bring opportunity to candidates as well as enable customers to determine what skills are required, how they shall be organised and importantly how they shall be found.

If you’re interested in speaking with us about Big Data and how we can bring corporations and talent together in the most effective way, then please contact us on:

01908 889714 or email us on BigDataPeople@Synapps.co.uk

P.S. Don’t forget to register your interest in joining us for a day at Bletchley Park, the home of Big Data

Case Studies:
Situation: One of our Insurance sector clients decided to change their use of data to embrace “Big Data” ideas and the use of analytics and data science to gain competitive advantage.

Task: To find them an Enterprise Architect with very strong experience of applying ”Big Data” to help the business baseline their current data structure and create the technology roadmap going forward to successfully include the use of unstructured data techniques. The client is based in a remote UK location and we impressed on the client the need for a reasonable relocation package.

Action: Instead of advertising, as the client wanted to maintain confidentiality, Synapps embarked on a headhunting campaign, approaching people via our extensive network and via social media.

Result: We developed a shortlist of potentially suitable candidates who were commutable from the client’s location and those with genuine reasons to consider re-location. From a small selection of highly motivated and suitable candidates, one was offered and accepted the role.