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Absolutely everyone I’ve dealt with at Synapps, from the top down, has been highly competent and very helpful” John Tillott, Senior Programme Manager, Monitor

Candidate Testimonials

Carl Phillips

“Everyone I have had dealings with has been both very professional and helpful (in particular Tim, Jeremy and some of the Payroll team). Expectations were clearly defined before I started with Synapps, who have lived up to all of them.

I’ve been paid on time and at regular monthly cycles (not always the case […]

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Sally Booth

“My Synapps recruitment consultant, Andre, has been honest, efficient, extraordinarily helpful and above all effective, in all of my dealings with him.

He helped me to secure an excellent project management role with a prestigious national organisation, a role in which I thrived. Andre’s secret is that he develops real relationships with his candidates, enabling […]

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Donal Daly

“It has been refreshing working with Tim on new opportunities, as he really “gets” the Big Data marketplace and the business opportunities. He sees past the hype to understand the appropriate skill mix required by clients and then introduce suitable qualified candidates to create a win-win situation for both.”

January 31, 2014

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Margaret Eames

“Tim runs a professional and highly skilled specialist recruitment organisation. I find that Tim and his team are with you all the way and really care about what you are looking for in a position and stick with it until completion. Tim creates a partnership with you that really works.”

24th February 2013

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Ty Olayemi

“Tim displays immense knowledge and experience of the IT recruitment industry, his excellent stakeholder and interpersonal skills are impeccable. Tim brings Synapps to the forefront of top IT recruiters in the country.”

13th October 2012

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Kristina Maria Manalo

“Tim excels at navigating through uncertainty and at understanding the requirements of all stakeholders involved in recruitment. His depth and breadth of industry experience, as well as his personable approach to delivering value, are assets that cultivate trust, efficiency and integrity throughout the team at Synapps.”

11th October 2012

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John Needham

“I have known Tim for 20 years and he stands out in the industry as a person of great integrity. I count myself lucky that he was my very first agent and he set me on the path for a successful career. He’s got that rare skill of being able to empathise directly with his […]

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Ed Longley

“Having worked through Tim as a contractor between 1997 and 2001, and having used Synapps to recruit a number of posts in 2003 and 2004, I have found Tim and the team at Synapps demonstrated high levels of integrity and honesty. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim and his team.”

17th November 2009

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Fraser Ball

“Tim got me started as an independent contractor way back in 1998.
Despite being a bit “green” he helped me to set up my company and gave me some sound advice. Synapps have a great reputation in the marketplace. You never get the feeling that they are trying to rip you off and most important […]

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